The Reality of Enterprise Cloud Migration in 2013

Survey reports over two thirds of large organisations in the UK are ready to move ERP systems to the cloud in 18 months

This comprehensive study of the attitudes and intentions of UK IT senior decision makers in large private and public sector organisations reveals a maturity of thinking about the migration of enterprise applications to the cloud.

Many senior IT decision makers have now assessed low criticality applications in the cloud whether public or private and can see the current barriers to migrating mission-critical applications to the cloud, such as SAP, dissolving. Guaranteed performance-level SLAs and chip-level authentication are critical factors in providing this reassurance.

From an ERP application perspective, SAP users are ahead of the game with more advanced cloud strategies.  The majority of organisations will either commence or continue the process of moving even their most mission-critical, including legacy, applications to the cloud in the next 18 months.  The end of 2014 will be a pivotal moment for the enterprise cloud.

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Other statistics:

  • The vast majority of respondents (87%) stated that they were aware of migrating mission-critical applications to the cloud
  • 65% of respondents said they were aware that ERP systems could be moved to the cloud
  • Respondents knew about the possibility of migrating critical applications to the cloud but there is still apprehension – 48% of SAP users were ‘highly concerned’ as opposed to 26% for other ERP users
  • SAP users predict their ERP migration will happen further into the future with an average of 18 months
  • Just 14% of organisations with ERP have undergone its full migration to the cloud (15% for SAP users)
  • Only 15% of large organisations claim they would never migrate their ERP system to the cloud

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